Family Medicine Physician Faculty Development:

Developing Leaders in Residency Training and Scholars in Cultural Competency

Sponsored by HRSA and the WMMC Family Medicine Residency Program

This project has concluded.

Four one-year fellowships were conducted from 2012 through 2016 especially for physician faculty, focusing on developing leaders in all areas of residency training. The goal was to enhance the teaching of future clinicians and to grow new skills of curriculum design and innovation in medical education to develop a "Cool Idea" to improve an element of the participants' residency programs.

Overview of Training Sessions


The Journey from Clinical Teacher to Scholarly Educator
Participants will discuss the principles of learning with special focus on motivation, develop an Individualized Learning Plan, and review and apply the Dryfus model of skills acquisition and situational learning.

Designing Curricula and Developing an Innovation to Meet Your Learners' Needs
We will explore the steps in curricular design and conduct a needs assessment for a “cool idea”.
Participants will examine the “who” and “why” Steps in Curricular Design and continue to analyze the Dreyfus model for skills acquisition.
We will focus on the “what” Step in Curricular Design to select content and develop learner outcome objectives.
We will employ the “when”, “where” and “how” Steps in Curricular Design, and continue development of your “cool idea”.

SESSIONS 6 – 10:
Leading, Teaching and Providing Patient Care from Who We Are
Participants will identify appropriate teaching and assessment techniques for promoting Professionalism.
You will select and utilize appropriate teaching and assessment techniques for Interpersonal and Communication Skills (ICS) and Patient Care, including incorporation of the principles of collaborative clinical education.
Participants will complete their "cool idea" abstract for submission to the Innovations in Medical Education Conference, as well as identify the milestones and appropriate teaching and assessment techniques for Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI).
You will identify appropriate teaching and assessment techniques for System-Based Practice (SBP) and Medical Knowledge.
Participants will select appropriate assessment techniques for each ACGME competency and develop a plan to teach a single session for one milestone within ICS, Prof, PBLI, or SBP.

Enhanced Clinical Teaching within Patient-Centered Medical Homes
We will focus on identifying and teaching the skills required for preparing future Family Medicine physicians to improve care within Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH).

Leading, Teaching, and Providing Patient Care from Who We Are
Participants will develop a plan for an interactive classroom teaching session with a small group and deliver it online. You will begin to write a personal Philosophy of Teaching.

You will participate in the USC-sponsored Innovations in Medical Education Conference held in Los Angeles, CA. Your capstone posters will be presented. This will be followed by three half-day sessions at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles.

SESSIONS 13 & 14:
Leading Others toward Eliminating Disparities in Health and Health Care
You will participate in several 15-minute interactive learning sessions related to cultural awareness and attitude issues and discover how to apply these tools to your own teaching. You will also select appropriate teaching and assessment techniques for Patient Care milestones and learn to utilize the Cultural Competencies SOAP Grid as part of providing one-to-one feedback to learners..
Participants will focus on utilizing the principles of learning in your teaching, including ICS activities such as roleplay, observation, and feedback.

Philosophy of Teaching and the Educator’s Portfolio
The final session will be a course summary and celebration of participant accomplishments. Each fellow will share a portion of their philosophy of teaching and how they plan to incorporate fellowship products within their educator’s profile. Each participant will receive their Certificate of Accomplishment.

For more information or to register, send an email to Pam Teplitz, Project Manager,
or Erasmo “Tony” Cortez, JD, Administrator of Special Projects,
or call (323) 260-5789

This Fellowship is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions Division of Medicine and Dentistry, Primary Care Training and Enhancement, Physician Faculty Development in Primary Care Program award #D55HP23212-01-00.